Macro Commander Automation Software

Upgrade from Macro Toolworks Professional to Macro Commander Pro

Click the button below in order to place a secure order for upgrade from Macro Toolworks Professional to Macro Commander Pro.

The “ORDER NOW” buttons are operated by BMT Micro software distribution company. After you click the order button, you will be redirected to the BMT Micro secure order form.

When your secure on-line order is processed you will receive a confirmation email with a perpetual activation key. Insert the key to the software in order to unlock it from the trial period mode and to apply the support period. The key entitles you to a one-year free support and free product updates. The key will activate all updates that are released one year after the purchase. When the key is older than one year it will not be able to unlock the new product updates, however, it will always unlock the versions it was purchased for. The support can be prolonged for a discounted price.