Macro Commander Automation Utility

Macro Commander

Automation software for desktop and web applications

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Create macros for text insertion, form filling, file/data management, automated testing, image manipulation, Excel and Word automation, screen capturing, and more…

Attended or Unattended

Schedule macros to run unattended (scheduled time, file change) or run macros interactively using text shortcuts, hot keys, mouse moves, menus and toolbars, and more…

Simplicity with Rich Feature Set

Macro Commander comes with macro recorder, syntax highlighting, password protection, drag and drop, debugger, execution logger, activation scopes, execution screen recorder, and more…

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Macro Commander is a Windows desktop software designed to automate repetitive and complex tasks. This software offers an all-in-one solution that enables users to create, manage, and activate macros and scripts easily. With Macro Commander, users can utilize hotkeys, text shortcuts, or mouse clicks to activate macros that insert text, paragraphs, images, or other data into any application. The software also provides the ability to perform more complicated tasks using 300 built-in commands to manipulate files, folders, images, text, clipboard, network, web, Word, Excel, display, and many other resources. The macros can be built manually in a full-featured macro editor supporting syntax highlighting or they can be recorded thanks to the integrated macro recorder.

Not limited to Windows native applications, Macro Commander can also handle web pages and web applications open in web browsers, including recording web macros.

Macro Commander conveniently organizes macros into hierarchical groups that support configuration inheritance, including password protection ensuring that sensitive content remains secure.

This software is replacing Macro Toolworks and Perfect Keyboard products – read more.

Macro Commander Usage Examples

Help Desk Support

Create macros with frequently used answers, phrases, screenshots, tips, etc. Increase helpdesk responsiveness, productivity, and efficiency by composing quick answers.

Data Extraction

Automatically extract required information from text files, CSV files, web, computer screen, and other data sources. Run the data extraction macros based on the source changes.

Automated Software and Web Testing

Create macros to mimic a real user in different test scenarios. Capture screencast for further anomalies investigation.

IT Maintenance

Creates macros that execute IT management scripts (service health pings, file clean up, backups, etc.) unattended.

Password Management

Create single password protected macros with passwords for various services and assign convenient activations to them.

Form Filling and Data Entry

Enter frequently used phrases and terms into any application or form fast and error free.

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Macro Software - Macro Commander

Macro Commander Editions

The Macro Commander is available in multiple editions that differ in available features and pricing. Download the product and use its free 30-day trial period to evaluate how it fits to your needs.