Macro Commander

Automation software for desktop and web applications

Macro Recorder – Keyboard Macros – Mouse Clicker – Hotkeys – Text Replacement… All-in-One

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Create macros for data entry, form filling, file/data management, automated testing, image operations, Excel and Word automation, screen capturing, and more…

Attended or Unattended

Schedule macros to run unattended (scheduled time, file change) or run macros interactively using text shortcuts, hotkeys, mouse moves, menus and toolbars, and more…

Powerful and Easy to Use

Macro Commander comes with macro recorder, syntax highlighting, password protection, drag and drop, debugger, execution logger, activation scopes, execution screencast, and more…

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Streamline your workflow with Macro Commander, a powerful Windows desktop automation software designed to eliminate repetitive and complex tasks. This all-in-one solution empowers users to effortlessly create, manage, and activate macros and scripts in order to make manual repetitive tasks automated, fast, and error free.

With Macro Commander, you can activate macros using hotkeys, text shortcuts, or mouse clicks, allowing you to insert text, paragraphs, images, or any other data into any application with ease. Say goodbye to manual data entry and let Macro Commander handle the repetitive data entry jobs for you.

Experience the versatility of Macro Commander as it offers a comprehensive set of 300 built-in commands that enable you to perform variety of tasks. Manipulate and utilize files, folders, images, text, clipboard, network resources, web pages, and applications such as Word, Excel, and Excel macros. Take full control of your computer’s display and leverage a wide range of resources at your disposal.

Macro Commander goes beyond the limitations of Windows native applications by seamlessly integrating with web browsers, allowing you to automate web pages and web applications. You can even record web macros to automate your online activities.

Stay organized with Macro Commander’s intuitive interface, which conveniently organizes macros into hierarchical groups. This hierarchical structure supports configuration inheritance, making it easy to manage and maintain your macros efficiently. Additionally, sensitive content can be protected with password security, ensuring that your valuable information remains secure.

Whether you prefer manual macro creation using the feature-rich macro editor with syntax highlighting or opt for the convenience of the integrated smart macro recorder, Macro Commander provides you with unparalleled ease of use. Creating keyboard macros and mouse clicker macros has never been simpler.

Download Macro Commander for free and unlock a new level of productivity today.

This software is replacing Macro Toolworks and Perfect Keyboard products – read more.

Macro Commander Usage Examples

Help Desk Support

Create macros with frequently used answers, phrases, screenshots, tips, etc. Increase helpdesk responsiveness, productivity, and efficiency by composing quick answers.

Data Extraction

Automatically extract required information from text files, CSV files, web, computer screen, and other data sources. Run the data extraction macros based on the source changes.

Automated Software and Web Testing

Create macros to mimic a real user in different test scenarios. Capture screencast for further anomalies investigation.

IT Maintenance

Creates macros that execute IT management scripts (service health pings, file clean up, backups, etc.) unattended.

Password Management

Create single password protected macros with passwords for various services and assign convenient activations to them.

Form Filling and Data Entry

Enter frequently used phrases and terms into any application or form fast and error free.

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Macro Commander Editions

The Macro Commander is available in multiple editions – Macro Commander Basic, Macro Commander Pro, and Macro Commander Pro+ – that differ in available features and pricing. Download the product and use its free 30-day trial period to evaluate how it fits to your needs.