Macro Scope, Properties, Stat/Log, Screencast

All the macros (including Text macros, and Clipboard macros) can optionally have an activation scope limited to certain windows/applications. This means that – for example – a hotkey can in one application start particular macro while in other application the same hotkey starts a different macro. Another cool example would be that macro toolbars are showing along with applications being brought to the foreground so that only relevant toolbars are showing on the screen.
There is a Properties tab where the user can set macro icon, add notes, set some macro execution options, define the macro execution speed, etc.
In the Stat/Log tab, there is macro execution statistics and log available. It is also possible to turn on capturing a screencast of the macro execution. It is very helpful when a macro that executes a longer time fails. Playing a video recording allows to understand what has happened on the computer.