Hotkeys, Text Shortcuts, Macro Scheduler, and Many Powerful Activations

Although the macros can be executed directly from the Macro Commander main window, there are many convenient ways – so called activations – how a user can quickly start macro when needed (attended) or the macros can start just automatically based on certain conditions (unattended). The attended activations include macro toolbars, text shortcuts (autocomplete), hotkeys, and mouse moves. The unattended activations include time schedule, file/folder events, idle, screen content change, clipboard, etc.

There can be multiple activations assigned to one macro as well as the same activation – for example a hotkey – can be assigned to multiple macros. In such case, the activation causes a menu with all macros with the same activation is shown to the user to pick.

The activations can be set both on the individual macros as well as on the macro groups.