Macros to automate Data Entry

Macros are used to automate repetitive tasks. The task can be simply to insert some often-used paragraph, picture, or other kind of data to a document, or the task can be a longer sequence of operations. The Macro Commander offers Text macros and Clipboard macros for data entry purposes. The Text macro can contain formatted text, images, links, colors, etc. It can be edited directly in the Macro Commander. The Clipboard macro can contain data of all types. It simply saves the clipboard content for a later paste operation. The Text macros and Clipboard macros can replace symbols with personalized data during the execution.

While the purpose of the Text macro and Clipboard macro is to insert data to other applications the General macro offers much more flexibility. It can also insert a plain text to other applications, but its main power is an ability to execute longer sequence of operations that are typically executed by the user manually. There are many commands of various kinds that allow to translate the manual procedure to a macro that can execute the procedure much faster, error free, and repeatedly – attended or unattended.